Redemption Bible Fellowship

Saturday, November 8th & Sunday, November 9th 2014

The Recipe For Rebellion ÖGenesis 3:1-6


Ingrediant 1: Tempting (v.1).

Ingrediant 2: Considering (v.2-3).

a.   Eve entertained, harbored, and discussed the suggestive thought.

b.   Eve began to feel that Godís command was too strict


Ingrediant 3: Exaggerating (v.4-5) (John 8:44) There is the thought:

†† 1. That we have needs that cannot be met any other way,

†† 2. That our eyes will be opened,

†† 3. That position, power, strength, self-sufficiency, independence, and individuality, of being oneís own person and determining oneís own destiny and fate.

†† 4. That we can know good and evil,

(Eph. 6:11) (2 Cor. 2:11) (1 Pet. 5:8) (Matt. 4:1-4&13:19).


Ingrediant 4: Lusting (v.6a). (1 John 2:16).

†† 1. Eveís flesh lusted after the tree.

†† 2. Eveís eyes lusted after the tree.

†† 3. Eve lusted after the pride of life.


Ingrediant 5: Acting (v.6b).

Ingrediant 6: Influencing (v.6c).

†† First, Eve was a stumblingblock to Adam.

Second, Adam was not deceived in his sin

(1 Tim. 2:14)(Romans 5:12)(Luke 17:1-2)(Romans 14:13).

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